The FUTURE of Mobile Phones ?


mobile phone EGG


Kambalaphone is not only a hybrid headset and cellphone but can camouflage itself to your face, all thanks to a flexible screen and sensors.

An Emotional Phone

The more we get hooked to technology and cyberspace, the more we depend on them to reflect our moods and emotional status. One such device of the future is Gaia Phone and it promises to become your Identity. It’s the kinda phone that supports a virtual wall full of pics of contacts in our phonebook and depending upon the strength of your relationship (detected by the number of calls to/from that person); it brightens or fades-out their photo. Not surprisingly, it comes to life with its master’s touch!
A spectacular show of lights, sound and vibrations greet “a best friend’s call, text message, a brother’s new picture upload or status update, or a girlfriend’s presence close by.” As I mentioned earlier, this palm-sized device sports an infinite virtual ‘Wall’, which allows never-ending scrolling, and zooming using multi-touch screen technology. Statuses, pictures, news feeds get updated automatically and inform you via lights and vibrations.

I’m all for these “emotional” gadgets, but somehow nothing can replace a warm, vocal, real life greeting with an emoticon or lights!

Mobile script

A hidden Big screen consists of 2 layers: a soft OLDE – touchscreen and soft nano material hardening in the filing of low-voltage nego. At the time opening screen hard and bouncy, after work on the side of the screen is pressed Eject, and becomes soft and mosey inside.
The “Mobile Script” mobile phone does not require a power charge, its case is covered with a nano material, converting the Sun light into the energy for your phone feed. At your phone’s display you can watch how much charge is left at the battery and how strong the power of the light which charges the battery is. The mobile phone will automatically give the pieces of advice and clues, when a power recharge is needed, also it is possible to put the mobile phone for a night on a special wireless recharge rug or to recharge the device with a similar wireless way in any public place, where this service is rendered, whether it be: the public transport, a bar or a club.

Diagonal internal screen is 9.5 inches. And you get a Laptop in Your Pocket.

Nokia CLIPit Concept Mobile Phone

  • Finger print as your SIM.
  • CLIPit has all the cell phone’s data web based and you can reach not only by CLIPit but from multiple devices like other cell phones, disposable cell phones, your car kit, your home phone and so on. The key is your finger print.
  • On top of the CLIPit you have a steel touch screen made by a group of small Light Emitting Diodes installed in the steel touch pad. So you have dynamic buttons and can dial, send and receive SMS and navigate your music easily.
  • You don’t need to hold the phone in your hand or use any other device like Bluetooth hands free. When you have a call, just pull down the clip and CLIPit becomes a hands free.
  • The ear phones of CLIPit have two sockets. You can hang your CLIPit around your neck with them when listening to the music. Like a beautiful necklace made by turquoise and steel.
  • The way to connect with other devices for CLIPit is to Clip it to them. You can clip it to so many things to have connection with them. For example back panel of public bus seats.
  • You can clip the phone to any part of your clothes or your bag. You can hang it around your neck with its earphones. You can wear it like a Bluetooth hands free. And also it is enough small to put it in your pocket.
  • PHILIPS has developed a new technology called “Lumalive”. They have fabricated some kind of cloth that has internal OLEDs and is quite a color fabric screen. The design team used a developed form of that technology in the CLIPit and has two fabric screens. The 3- inch screen is just a formable, flexible cloth that has a “Lumalive” screen as the upper layer. You can clip your CLIPit to this 3-inch screen and have a mobile phone with a 3-inch color screen. It is quite BIG for a mobile phone. But the 12-inch screen is a combination of “Lumalive” and a concept fabric called “Smart fabrics”. “Smart fabrics” are cloths with a net of sensors between its layers for touch sense. The net is cut able and the fabric can be cut or sewed. In fact smart fabrics are touching sensitive cloths. This fabric is combined with “Lumalive” and to become a multi-touch color screen. Clip your CLIPit to it and you have a folding pocket 12-inch laptop.
  • The 12inch touch screen is also a medium for CLIPits to share their data with each other. Quite easy. Quite funny.
  • Designers: Ziba Hemmati, Mohammad Zamani, Mir Kazem khalifezadeh, Rasul Shokrani & Ali Khajuee


Mac Funamizu over at Petitinvention is well known for his ultra-sleek gadget concepts that often favor form over function; his Lupa phone is part Aura, part iPod and all sexy.

The Universal Phone

soft mobile phone concept

It is a soft mobile phone concept. The phone is encased in a flexible plastic housing. A soft polymer insert is located between the microchip module and the casing. You can drop it, bend it, sit on it, toss it around, and give it to Naomi Campbell to throw at her assistant without detriment.

A flexible display (a 2,75-in. diagonal, a 433 × 266 pixels) and the keys are located on the surface. The display itself looks like paper, but the ink incorporated in it can change its position when affected by electric signals. This process called “electrowetting” is so quick that you can even display video. And it’s not a fairytale technology either. The display was developed by Robert Hayes and Johan Feenstra. They better patent that ASAP.

And some more inspiring phone sketches by Mac Funamizu

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